Fun Questions to Ask

Photographed on the inaugural day of 'Swami Akhandananda Science Centre' which comprises the 'Beyond Maya' gallery and the 'Science Cultivation Centre' at the Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sargachi, Murshidabad in presence of about six hundred students, general people, media persons and officials. The science centre was inaugurated by Dr. saroj Ghose. The entire centre was developed by the National Council of Science Centre, Minnistry of culture, Govt. of india.Depending on the amount of history between you and the other person that you are talking with choosing the right question or comment can mean the difference from achieving approval, making new friends or getting a date.

The best questions to ask usually leave the possibility of fun or intelligent answer that will make the other person that you are talking with feel good about themself.

Fun Questions to Ask

Here are some examples that you may find useful whenever you are in a tight situation socially.

Knowing what to talk about upfront can mean the difference between having a fun conversation or sitting alone in awkward silence.

What’s your favorite vacation spot

This question is good because it is connected with good and feelings of relaxation and having fun.

Talking about travel and vacations is always a good topic for conversation.

Would you rather be invisible or travel trough time

This question leaves the possibility for naughty and fun answers, you can also ask

What would you do if you can go invisible when you want


Where would you go if you can travel through time

These two questions are favorites among the scholarly or geeky type of people.

Who was your favorite teacher


Who was your least favorite teacher

Gossiping can be fun, especially while remembering events from the past that are too old to have any other emotional significance other than to be used in fun conversation.

Besides who knows, you may learn that you went to the same school or had the same type of teachers.

Connected to these questions you can also ask

What was your favorite class and why

On the other hand, if you feel more confident you can ask

What kind of animal would you like to be, in your next life (incarnation)

or even more fun

What kind of bug would you like to be born into

This question leaves you with the chance to make fun of the person that you talk with, and sometimes this can generate attraction.

Just remember not to overdo it, you like to increase your friend’s confidence and self-image not to destroy it if the person you talk with feels uneasy may stop talking to you, keep that in mind.

Have you ever wanted to be in reality show


In what reality show or movie would you most likely joined if you had the chance

This question can also be used as a filter to find out something more about the person that you are talking with right now, is he/she geeky stay at home type or more outgoing type of person.

If you are god, what type of god would you be

This one is a little provocative but it leaves the possibility of having fun with your conversation partner.

What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten

This question leaves the possibility of making fun of your conversation partner, just remember to share so that it doesn’t become just an ego trip for you.

For the conversation to be fun for both sides, everyone must be on the same level so just don’t try to dominate your partner by accident.

What’s the best birthday celebration that you’ve had

This question is a little sneaky because it leaves you with new knowledge about your conversation partner that you can use in the future to build a better relationship (can be used both with building romantic or friendly relationships).

What is the best cartoon you’ve ever seen

Everyone was happier as a kid than as an adult.

Taking your conversation partner back to the childhood period can relax them into sharing more with you.

What is the grossest thing that you have ever smelled

This question leaves space for weirdly fun conversation to evolve, just remember to also share any experience with smelling weird stuff that you may have.

What is your dream job

This question leaves space for analyzing if your conversation partner is lazy or would rather spend most of his time working.

Would you rather live in a house, apartment or a cabin out in the wilderness

This question can be used as a screening to find how  adventurous is your conversation partner

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